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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What's the minimum contract?

There’s no minimum contract. You can leave any time and if you haven’t gotten the value you expected.

What will this do to my current website with Google?

If you have a current site, we’ll set things up so Google knows exactly which page has gone where. We’ll also help to optimize each page for search.

Who writes content for my website?

I’m sure you already have enough content on your current website. If not, we can suggest some good writers to you, as we do not directly provide content writing.

How much do I pay for hosting?


Your website will be hosted on a super fast dedicated server. Intel Xeon E5 processor with 120Gb of RAM ($349/m value).

What if I need to add a new page to my site?

To add new pages to the site is no problem. One page included per month in your plan, then $50 for additional pages.. Or, you can do it yourself following our training.

But if I leave, I need a new site?

Yes, just the same as stopping any other website. If you have some temporary financial troubles you’ll have to let us know about it, so we can keep the website up and running until you resolve your financial troubles (30 days max).

What do I need to give you?

You need your logo and photos, as well as your current hosting login info, so we can transfer the website to our super fast Intel Xeon dedicated server. After that, you can cancel your current hosting account.

Can I edit the content of my site?

You can have access to edit content, no problem! Basic content edits are very easy to make. Alternatively, you can send things through and we will take care of it. However you like.

Can I have a blog?


What about Google Analytics?

This will be installed and configured including goals. This is really important because if you don’t know where your business is coming from, how can you improve it?!

Why does speed matter so much?

First things first, anything that matters to Google matters to us. Beyond this, a site that loads in 0.1 second will sell better than a site than loads in 1000 seconds. This means that there’s a sliding scale and everyone has their ‘give up’ point. Also remember that many people on mobile devices will have slower internet connections in that moment, so a website that takes 3.5 seconds to load on desktop could take 13.5 seconds on a smartphone. Why lose a sale because of something so simple and fixable? Heck, if you’re generating 30 queries a month, a faster site might mean 31 queries. You wouldn’t even know it was because of speed but that could mean an extra client for you! The whole goal of this system is so we can wring every single client out of your website.

How quickly can you get a site up?

We typically launch within 25 business days of receiving all your content. In fact, most cases it is quicker than that – the quicker you get all your details across to us, the quicker we go live.